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Card subject to change. There are a lot of matches that go into a pay per view event, meaning a lot of wrestlers are going to be involved. This can prove to be a little more complicated than you might expect, as somethings changes need to be made to make everything work. First of all though, you have to have some matches, which was the case this weekend, though not as originally planned.

Every now and then you see a major match that leaves you scratching your head just a bit. There might be an odd story or a case of two people in the ring who don’t’ have the most obvious chemistry. That can make for some odd matches on the biggest stages of the year and that might be the case this year. A match that was planned for Fastlane did not take place, meaning WrestleMania may be waiting for it instead.

The scheduled match between Shane McMahon and Braun Strowman did not take place at Fastlane as expected. During the Kickoff Show, McMahon injured his knee while training and was unable to wrestle. Elias came up to McMahon in the back in an effort to talk to him about a musical performance at WrestleMania. McMahon agreed to go to the ring with Elias, where he said Elias could replace him against Strowman. The match took place, with Strowman defeating Elias.

What could have been. Check out how the night unfolded:

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