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Pen to paper. There have been a lot of names leaving WWE in recent months and it has really changed the way the company’s roster looks. Some of these have been WWE’s decisions, but others have left WWE on their own. It would make sense for WWE to want to keep them around, and in the case of a fairly bit star that is exactly what they have done again.

According to the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, Shinsuke Nakamura has signed a new contract with WWE. It is not clear when the deal was signed or how long it will last, but Nakamura is said to be happy in WWE. Nakamura defeated Apollo Crews last week to become the Intercontinental Champion for the second time. He has also been paired with Rick Boogs as his official guitar player.

Nakamura has done quite a few things in WWE. Check out his time in the company so far:


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