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Anything can happen. While you might not care for the quality of the show itself, there is little denying just how polished everything is in a WWE production. Between the lights, the pyro, the music and everything else that goes into it, WWE puts on a good looking show. There is always the chance of an error though, and this time the error was in part of the wardrobe situation.

Over the weekend, WWE held a live event in Washington DC, which featured a street fight between Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal. McIntyre came to the ring, but could not get his kilt to come off. Ring announcer Byron Saxton had to help McIntyre, who ultimately took the microphone and asked if anyone in the crowd could help him get out of his kilt. Eventually he shook it off, after which he said he hoped no one had a cell phone camera in the building.

It can only happen live. Check out what happened to McIntyre, plus some other funny WWE moments:

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