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It really can come out of nowhere. Titles are one of the most important things in all of wrestling. They designate who the top stars in the promotion are supposed to be and give the fans something to notice. With so many championships, it can be difficult to find a way to make each one stand out. A gimmick can help, and that was on display this weekend at a live event.

WWE referee Aja Smith won the WWE 24/7 Title from Nikki Ash at a WWE live event in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Saturday. Ash was scheduled to defend against Dana Brooke but stopped to show Smith, who rolled her up with fellow WWE referee Shawn Bennett counting the pin. Bennett then tried to roll Smith up for the title but only counted his own two. Ash then won the title back and eventually released footage of the whole situation. WWE has done something similar at recent live events, with different referees winning the title.

You don’t see this every day. Check out the title changes:

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